2012 Endpoint Security Trends

- December 5th, 2011


What’s in Store for 2012?

A new year brings a new IT security landscape and smart IT pros are planning ahead. To find out more about what 2012 will look like and what IT departments can be doing now to prepare, Lumension asked three experts to make their predictions and offer practical steps on what to do next.

  • Pat Clawson, Chairman and CEO, Lumension
  • Paul Henry, Security and Forensics Analyst, Lumension
  • Randy Franklin Smith, CEO Monterey Technology Group and voice behind Windows Ultimate Security
  • Eric Ogren, The Ogren Group, moderator

What Security Companies Can Expect in 2012
by Pat Clawson
‘Tis the season for predictions….and here’s an obvious one. Security manufacturers definitely have their work cut out for them in 2012. To respond to customer concerns and beat the bad guys, security companies need to step up. Read More…

Top 5 Predictions for 2012
by Paul Henry
Back in April, I wrote 2011 had the potential to be a really bad year for securing our networks. I was right and I’m not happy about it. Read More…

Two Bets On 2012
by Randy Franklin Smith
Yet another year has nearly come and gone but information security remains as interesting, challenging and relevant as ever – if not more since organized crime and foreign states have eclipsed the traditional lone hacker. Looking back, the endpoint continues to be the focus of criminal organizations. Read More…

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